Apple TV+ Will Be Available In India For Just ₹99 Per Month

Apple finally announced their new iPhone 11 models along with the new iPad and the new Apple Watch Series 5. Apple also revealed the pricing of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. The Apple TV+ will cost $4.99/month for people living in the US and other countries while the users in India will get it for only $1.40.

If you look at the pricing for Indian viewers, it is really very cheap compared to the basic pricing of rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This means that Indian masses who were using these premium services may switch to Apple TV Plus soon just because of the low pricing.

But for a company like Apple, it will be a huge potential to expand their reach in the film and TV streaming market of India. There are millions of people who join these video streaming service in India on a monthly basis and it could be a huge market for Apple to earn more revenue with the help of 99rs per month pricing.

Currently, based on statistics collected by KPMG and Eros Now, there are 155 million users on video streaming platforms in India who spend around 70 minutes a day on these platforms. Thus, you can actually figure the impact Apple TV Plus will have on this audience unless Apple decides to increase the monthly fees in the future.

Apple will also be offering a one-year free trial of Apple TV+ for those who purchase their devices. This video service will start streaming movies and TV shows from November 1 for users all around the globe.

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