You Can Now Try YouTube’s ‘Add To Queue’ Feature On The Web

YouTube has added a new experimental feature for its users on the web called ‘Add To Queue’. This feature, still in its testing stages, will allow the users to add any video in a queue which was never available in YouTube’s history.

This feature could be handy for a lot of users who previously could only search for playlists for any particular topic and there was no way to add videos one after the another to a separate queue. The Add to Queue feature was announced today by the company and any YouTube user can enable it instanty from

On this webpage, you will find all the experimental features of YouTube and you can choose to enable or disable the Add to Queue under the heading ‘Create A Queue’. When you click on the ‘Try It Out’ option, the feature gets activated and you can start using it right away by going back to the YouTube homepage or when you search for a video.

Once this feature is activated, you get to see an icon for add to queue on the video thumbnails. The other way you can use it is from the usual overflow menu on the top right corner of the video. When a video is added to the queue, you see a small mini-player on the bottom right where you can check the videos that will play next, rearrange playback and even delete any video that you don’t wish to see.

One important thing to note is that this feature is entirely experimental and will be only available for two weeks until September 10.

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