Tim Cook Gives Commencement Speech At Stanford University

Tim Cook addressed the Stanford University graduates last weekend with his usual motivational speech. Some of the things he spoke included the big tech companies and pointed out that Silicon Valley as big chaos and has caused many mistakes in the last few years.

In his speech, Tim said that Silicon Valley should take full responsibility for all the problems they have created in the first place. This is because of the increase in privacy and data violation and the spread of fake news on social media platforms. He says that the only solution is that Silicon Valley comes together and builds a better future for human beings rather than take away their freedom and share all their secrets with the world.

Apple has always been very strict about user privacy and Tim Cook took this opportunity at Stanford to emphasize more on this and assure people that privacy is possible if people stand against each other in times of difficulty.

Apart from criticizing the Silicon Valley, Tim Cook also appreciated the innovations that came from there such as Hewlett Packard’s oscillator to the iPhone, social media, shareable videos Snapchat stories. Even though he didn’t mention YouTube and Facebook, they contribute massively to the social media list.

The backdrop of most of the Apple’s events consists of privacy as they understand the fact that in today’s online world, hacking and online theft is very common therefore they live by the motto of providing their customers with the most secure software possible.

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