Google Maps Is Testing ‘Off-Route’ Feature For Indian Taxis

Google Maps is on a serious role these days where they have been adding new features frequently to enhance the user experience. Now, they are testing a new feature called off-route which is basically aimed at helping people who use taxis in India. So this feature will let these people know instantly if their taxi is off course from the given route while not informing the taxi driver about it.

This new feature will basically work as a warning sign for users who will immediately know if the driver is not following the given route. Given the situation, this can also act as a wrong sign if the driver is stuck in traffic and they were forced to take another route. But, it will definitely help those who take taxi’s everyday to commute and also for people who use their own cars to know if they are on the correct route towards the destination.

You can activate this new feature under the ‘Stay Safer’ menu in Google Maps. For someone who is new to a particular city, the warning will let them know if the taxi driver is cheating or taking a longer route. However, we are still not sure why Google has introduced this feature for the Indian users and what exactly is its purpose.

Google had recently added two other new features on Google Maps for the Indian market. One was for flood warnings around the country and the other was for the public transport systems which will inform people if there is any delay and also give the updated schedules for buses and trains.

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