Apple Is Offering 10% Bonus iTunes Credits Once Again

As you may know, Apple was offering some credits to its users adding money in their iTunes account back in March. The company has brought back this promotional offer once again and users who add money to their accounts connected to Apple ID will get 10 percent credits instantly. This offer is valid for all users using iOS devices and are registered with Apple.

The credits can be used by the users for shopping on the App Store or purchase Apple Music and iCloud subscription that requires Apple ID verification. Apart from this, for people who took advantage of this promotional offer in March can again get the additional 10 percent credits into their account on loading up money. The offer requires the user the user to have a legitimate credit or debit card linked to the iTunes account, from where the user can choose to make add money.

Just like before, users who wish to add any amount in the range of $1 to $200 can avail the credit. The cashback that the users get depends upon the amount you add, but the percentage that they receive back remains the same. The users need to head over to the App Store and tap on their profile. Here they will see an option to “Add Funds to Apple ID” and then the different options for topping up which include – $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200. They can end up getting as much as $20 in credits if they add $200 in their account.

This promotional offer is currently running in the countries of United States and Japan.

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