Snapchat Is Testing A New Feature For Sharing Status From Live Location

The Map feature on Snapchat has never been that useful apart from showing the current location of the user. And you can never figure out what your friend is upto unless you call or text them to know about it. This will soon change if reports are to believed as the company will be adding a new feature which lets user share custom messages as status on the Snap Map.

We all know that Bitmoji is integrated into Snapchat and users can put up their own Bitmoji with the status messages on the Map. This will be visible to all your friends and they will immediately know where you are and if you are free to hang out. Some of the readily available messages include: Text me?, Call me? HMU, What’s Up?

You can now share where you are or what you’re up to. Your Status will only be visible to friends you share your location with.

Apart from this, Snapchat is offering one more feature called “Passport”. This can be accessed only by you and it will store all the locations and places you have visited so far.

Passport is Just For You: Passport helps you keep track of the Places you’ve been. Places you set your Status at will be added to your Passport along with who you were there with. Only you ca see your Passport, and you can delete a Place from your history at any time

One of the spokesperson from Snapchat said:

Yes, we are currently testing new ways for Snapchatters to better communicate on the Snap Map with their friends. This test is running with a percentage of Snapchatters in Australia.

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