Google Pulls Off A Hilarious April Fools Day Prank In New Video

Google always tries to bring something funnier for April Fools Days Prank every year and this time around it has done that with the Files App. A new video uploaded by the company shows how users can clean their dirty phone screen with a new feature on this App. The video is actually funny with all the descriptions and graphics that visualise this imaginary feature.

The video starts of by showing how you can keep the inside of your clutter-free with the Files Go App and then asks the most surprising question – “But what about the outside of your phone?” This will make you wonder what is Google even talking about and then the video goes on to show how an in-built smudge API detector inside the App will detect all the dirt and wipe your screen automatically.

As crazy as this sounds, you can also see the phone having its own water sprinkle to spray water over the screen. Only we wish we had such features. Apart from this, there is a logo for this “Clean Screen” feature which resembles a janitor with a broom.

Lastly, the video shows a way which will keep your phone away from dirt and dust forever. This will work via a vibration system inside the phone. The phone’s haptic system will induce micro-vibrations that will form a safety non-stick shield around your phone and keep it always sparkling and clean.

Google had launched the Files App back in 2017 and it mainly serves the function of organising files and folder in your phone.

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