Google Duplex Is Now Available In 43 US States

Google Duplex is one of the most anticipated AI driven technology of the future. We last saw it in action back in November 2018 when Google added Duplex support on Pixel phones. The feature was very limited at that point of time in only a select places in the US. But, today Duplex has been extended to 43 US States and this is incredible for the Pixel users in the country who can start using it to make hotel reservations.

The process is very easy in Duplex to book your hotel seats, just like how you find information on Google Assistant via your voice. You just have to ask Duplex something like “Hey Google. Book a table for two at El Cocotero on Tuesday at 7.00 pm” and it will respond with all the available options and call the hotel for the reservation. The Duplex AI will also ask you some more questions for a smooth customer experience.

9to5Google reported:

Google explains that Duplex will be used to make the call and in the video demo below, you can see just how realistic its voice still sounds. After the reservation is made, Assistant sends a notification, sets a calendar appointment, and also sends over an email confirmation. As a side note, not all places will work, as Google does allow businesses to opt-out of receiving these calls.

Most interestingly in today’s announcement, though, is the reveal that this won’t be Pixel-exclusive for too much longer. Google says that Duplex will be rolling out to more Android devices, and even iOS, in the “coming weeks.” Google’s documentation suggests that any Android phone with Google Assistant will eventually be able to use the feature, as well as iOS devices using the Assistant app.

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