FaceTime Bug Hits iPhones

A new bug is haunting iPhone users across the world and people are really scared about their privacy. A lawsuit has also been filed by a lawyer in the US which let an unknown party hear his private conversation with a client because of the dreaded FaceTime bug. The issue here is that anyone can listen to the other person on FaceTime even if they haven’t picked up the call, raising a serious alarm for Apple.

The company got alerted by the issue immediately as several people starting complaining about it all over social media and announced that the issue will be fixed in the software update that will be coming this week. The timing for this issue is very bad as the company is also facing decline in the iPhone sales for the Q1 period, with the revenue down by 15 percent.

People have also reported that you can also view the front camera of the receiver along with the audio from the phone’s microphone. Some are even denying this flaw, but nevertheless it does pose to be a security risk for users and also hampers the privacy as long as you have the FaceTime App on your iPhone. So it is advisable to disable/delete the App immediately if you are facing the same issue.

The caller will not know of the microphone leak unless the receiver’s device is in front of him as the calling interface looks like it is already connected with the person and everything looks just normal. The bug is currently affecting all iOS devices running iOS 12.1 and later.

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