Samsung TVs Will Soon Integrate Google Assistant

Samsung is looking to get ahead in the TV business and is planning to bring the very popular Google Assistant on its future fleet of TV sets in 2019. The voice assistant service is not new to Samsung as they had implemented Bixby in their 2018 TVs. Although users can control the video playback by speaking to Bixby, the voice commands are pretty much limited for now and bringing in Google Assistant should fill the gap.

The decision to include Google Assistant is not yet official and will most likely be announced in January 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here, the company will also be unveiling the new TV sets for 2019. The sources claim that this could bring in a new era of partnership between Samsung and Google. Samsung TVs are used by millions of people worldwide and the addition of Google Assistant will definitely boost the sales in 2019.

Apart from Google, Voice assistant like Alexa is making good progress in smart home devices and speakers. Everyday new commands and functionalities are being added in these voice assistants, thereby leading to better conversations and understanding with the users.

A spokesperson from Samsung also noted that it will be focussing more on the audio quality of the TVs and will be developed on the same line such as Apple’s HomePod or any other audio device that takes the surrounding room area into consideration while adjusting the sound output and intensity. The company had also recently filed several patents named “audio scenic intelligenceā€ and “audio spatial intelligence” which point in the same direction.

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