Google Assistant Now Supports Audio News Feed Driven By AI

Google is developing the AI technology at a fast pace and is starting to use it with the Google Assistant in more than one way. As the mobile technology is moving more and more towards AI now, Google has added a new feature to Google Assistant to give you personalised audio news feeds that is largely driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Using the Google Assistant on your phones or Google Home will become more streamlined and you can ask the Assistant for your own personalised news feeds for any time of the day. The news that will be read out by the voice assistant in audio form will be specifically curated in the form of short stories and also long-form stories if required. So you will get to hear exactly what you want to, all thanks to the AI technology.

Google spoke about this new addition to Google Assistant based smart home speakers in a statement:

This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled at that moment, for you. It starts with a briefing of top stories and updates on topics you care about, and extends into longer-form content that dives deeper into more stories. Publishers from around the world who produce English-language content are welcome to submit feeds for inclusion and sign up to try the experience.

At any point in your day when you want to listen to the latest news — as a morning wake-up, during your commute, or while jogging — the Google Assistant will be ready with new stories and updates to the ones you’ve already heard. Plus, using your voice, you can easily ask the Google Assistant to skip a story, go back or stop.

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