Google Maps Gets Fresh Updates Including Dark Mode

Google has been trying to actively improve the user experience for it’s Apps and has been coming up with numerous updates which includes the Dark Mode. The dark theme is already available in many of the Google Apps and the company want’s to put it to use on Maps as well. Now, the users can choose to select between the light and dark theme and they can do that easily while navigating.

Google Maps already had the Dark Mode feature before, but it could only be used depending upon the time of the day where the the Maps would automatically adjust to the light or dark themes. That is no more the case now and you can freely choose between the themes that suits your taste.

This new feature comes with the latest version of Google Maps, which is 10.2.1. Even if you haven’t got the feature yet, Google will be rolling out the update for your smartphone soon. Apart from the dark theme, the update brings other new features which include the speed limit display on the screen, new toggles for audio cues and the newly designed navigation settings.

Under the navigation settings, the new tabs are organised and simple to read. They include the new sound and voice, route options, map display, and driving options. Google has also added the new ‘Follow’ button under ‘For You’ settings in Android, which will help users stay up to date on their favourite places and also explore newer places like restaurant, gym, etc.

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