Top 5 Wallpaper Apps For iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

We are always searching for good wallpapers on the internet for our phones which motivate/relax us while we are going about our daily business. The wallpapers come in variety of colours and combinations and across multiple categories. It can be confusing to decide which wallpaper suits best on your iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max, so we have made a list of the best wallpapers apps that you can use to select your favourite images and light up your phone with the best appearance possible.

1. Zedge

A very robust app for wallpapers since many years, that also offers high resolution images for the iPhone XS / XS Max. The wallpapers are nicely organised in the App and the user interface is pretty neat. You can easily scroll and search for your favourite categories and also customise the wallpapers with stickers before downloading.

2. Unsplash

This is a very popular website to search for HD wallpapers and it can be easily accessed from the browser of your iPhone XS / XS Max. It brings you mind-blowing images from actual photographers around the globe. The wallpapers are not exactly customized for the iPhone XS Max but they still fit nicely when cropped and the image quality is retained from the original picture. Unsplash gives you all these incredible photos are free and you can download them quickly anytime.

3. Background

Background takes wallpaper customisation to the next level and offers you more than what you actually need. It takes the regular wallpapers from Unsplash and optimises it precisely for the iPhone XS/ XS Max. It also makes use of the accelerometer in the device to see the wallpaper in action. Overall, it’s a friendly and creative app that lets you fine tune the wallpaper before applying it.

4. TurnLive

If normal wallpapers don’t excite you, TurnLive is exactly what you need. You can search for numerous live wallpapers on this App that brings out the best on your iPhone XS/ XS Max. You also have to option to create or add you own videos and make a live wallpaper out of it. The possibilities are endless here and there are many other amazing features to check out in this App.

5. Atlas Wallpaper

This is an entirely unique App that blends wallpapers with your geographic location. Simply view your location on the interface and select how you want it to look before editing. Once you are done framing the picture, you can add your own color themes and save the image on your device. It is pretty cool if you want to come with your own original wallpaper designs that reflects the energy and beauty of a specific location.

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