Netflix May Offer Cheaper Plans For Indian Users

Netflix has gained a lot of popularity in India and Netflix has not been shy to notice that. The movie streaming online service believes that it has a strong user base in India and will look to keep increasing it with the new and more affordable plans that they may be launching in India soon.

Gregory Peters, the Chief Product Officer for Netflix said:

We are just getting started in India. We will experiment with other pricing models and see how that does in terms of being able to accelerate our growth and get more access. But even on the existing model, we feel like we have a long runway ahead of us in India.

The current minimum pricing plan for Netflix is Rs.500 monthly for Indian users which is the most expensive streaming cost in the country. The competitors like Amazon Prime and a few others have been offering the subscription to Indian users at half the cost. So, Netflix will also likely follow the same path and the make the plans available for cheap and friendly rates.

Since we are specifically talking about India here, Netflix is also planning to add more regional languages apart from Hindi and English for subtitles. This will help more users as the country is very diversified and more users will be looking to subscribe for the streaming service. Netflix also said that it will be taking the growth at one million phone users at a time and will be spending $8 billion on original programming this year in India.

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