OnePlus To Redesign OxygenOS, Also Confirmed On OnePlus 6

OnePlus has announced that it is working on a new OxygenOS design and testing it on OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T phones. OnePlus smartphone owners and fans were made aware of this news by the company through the OnePlus forums. Gary C, who is the Operations head of OxygenOS said the new design is aimed to create something from scratch and redefine it entirely for the OnePlus user groups.

OnePlus has been conducting many surveys and interviews to check what the people are looking for in a premium smartphone and the things that can be avoided. This has put things into perspective for the company as it moves in a new direction with the UI redesign. The tests that are being conducted for the new design aims to keep the interface as minimalistic as possible and sticking to the ‘Clean’ and ‘Bold’ design strategy.

The designer of OxygenOS are also bringing in new fonts and styles in the design, which was mentioned in the post on the forums. Gary further said that the company has gone through several versions of the design while flagging off a number of elements to stay in line with the theme that OnePlus is focused on for long term.

OnePlus noted that 80% of the users have shown appreciation to the new design and the company has assured that it is willing to keep working hard until they fulfil the demands of all OnePlus users. The redesign will also be available on OnePlus 6 as confirmed by the company but the official launch of the design has not yet been disclosed.

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