Turn Your Android Smartphone Into Your AI Assistant

Our mobile Smartphone’s these days can do a variety of tasks. You are able to download a crazy number of apps from the play store to pimp up your handset. Did you know that you are also able to activate the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) function on your phone to basically become your digital assistant. Just like the actual Google Home device you can buy. In some ways, this is a better alternative and some ways it isn’t. Just like the Amazon Echo Dot, and the Google Home devices which is a separate device you are able to buy to make things a little easier for your life and home. You are also now able to turn your mobile phone into virtually the same thing.

Let’s see what you can and can’t get up to when you use this cool bit of software. You don’t have all the function as you do on the Google Home Device itself, for example, you cannot use your mobile via voice command to turn on and off devices in your home like lights. Also, you don’t have power controls from your phone assistant, this is still not yet supported.
That’s a couple of the main differences you cannot do, but you are able to do so many other things. So you can ask for local telephone numbers, Google AI will bring up a selection of numbers that fit the description in the immediate area to you. Or if you have a specific number you are looking for, then simply as for that number, like a certain takeaway you would like to call.

If you are doing some cooking or baking you can ask about various measurements and convert them from OZ to grams or vice versa. You can also use your Google Assistant to time the food you are cooking once it’s been placed in the oven, so you don’t forget. You can also ask for recipes or cooking tips, where your assistant will bring up some items found from searching Google online.

In this respect, the Mobile Assistant is better because you are able to access the websites found directly on your mobile where you can’t do this from your Google Home device. This one really depends on your preference, how you like the information to be relayed back to you, either by reading yourself like on the mobile or can get flash briefings told to you via the Home device. This app really comes into play when you are out and about helping you do stuff in a fraction of the time than before.

You can send a message via SMS to friends in your contact list, just ask to send a text, say what you want the text to contain and then send. Super simple and fun at the same time, plus you are also able to make hands free calls using your assistant. Handy if you are driving and need to call someone, keeping your hands on the wheel and safe on the roads.

If you want, you can also send emails literally by dictating it to your Google Assistant, so if you don’t like typing too much and you want an easy option. As long as you have the contact in your email provider you can totally send email without lifting a finger. You can also use your Google Assistant to play your favourite songs from your mobile or your chosen music provider like Spotify or even find and play your local radio station. That’s music to our ears.

Basically, you are able to ask your Google Assistant to find anything you can think of from the internet like clothes stores near you, or shoe shops. Maybe you are looking for the best online casino with the most video slots available. Or even what the latest currency exchange is for your next trip. All the information that closely relates to your question will be displayed on your handset’s screen.

We have mentioned just a couple of examples of how you can remotely use your Google Assistant but find out for yourself. This is an awesome piece of software that will totally change some people’s lives, even just opening any app you have installed on your handset is a pretty cool thing to do. If you have not yet tried this app, go home and have a play, you will have some fun for sure.