EasyDash for Android- Perfect Reminder App For Your Busy Life

We use our smartphones for so many tasks like calling, texting, photos, videos, playing games among many others. Still there are some tasks which we need to do offline, and our phone can’t help us do that. But with the right app of course, we can keep track and set-up timely reminders for those tasks. EasyDash from SunValleySoft LLC, is an amazing reminder app that will help you do the important tasks right away, without wasting any time.

The main concept of this App is that you can see all the reminders and notes on the same screen without having to swipe through each on of them, which is usually not the case in similar Apps on the Play Store.

Basically, you have two separate options for reminders and notes. So when you set-up a reminder or a note, the App collects information precisely in the form of categories such as media for photos and videos or just a simple text based reminder. You can see these choices before saving the reminder/note. For e.g., if you have medications to take, you can fill up the dosage, the type of medicine, and also add the photo of the medicine to help you identify it easily.

The app has some nice features, the best part being that there are absolutely ‘No Ads’. This is a relief, since ads can be very annoying especially when you are in a hurry. The navigation works perfect, with a handy feature to choose from left and right handed modes. Under reminders, the repeat features helps to remind you again on a weekly, monthly basis or on any other day during the week. This can be useful if you tend to skip/forget your tasks.

Backup and refresh is thankfully good in can you accidentally deleted something you didn’t intend to. Easy to export any of your reminders/ notes in text format, helping you share with anyone. Add favourites to any item. The App also come with smart watch support, which I think is brilliant.

Talking about design and appearance, it’s really basic and there is nothing very special about it. The competitors are offering more advanced features. But going with a good concept, it really works from the day-to-day user’s perspective.

You can download this app from Google Play Store.

Final Verdict – Neat App for keeping reminders concerning your busy daily schedule, a good start in my opinion but needs to be more mature to get more clients and users.

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