Pet Fish Rescue – Match 3 – For iOS and Android, An Amazing Puzzle Game

200x200bb 1Pet Fish Rescue-Match 3 is a new puzzle game, developed by Kurius Games. A puzzle game with a lot of good features and amazing strategies. The game gives a twist to the classic connect three game. The game is backed up with a great storyline, wherein the baby fish gets separated from the mama fish. They are caught by sailors and are now kept in a pet store. The ultimate goal of the game is to connect fishes, and create a sort of water pathway for the baby fish to join the mama fish again. You may get a bit confused at the initial stages, but once you get a hold of it, it won’t be difficult for you at all.

The App is currently available for devices running on Android 4.1 and above and iOS 9.0 or later.

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Content And Features:

The game has a cute welcome screen as you install it and open it. The game itself is very easy to play, as you are guided by the in-game tutorial, as to how you should connect fishes of the same species and how you will be able to rescue the baby fish. It’s simple, yet engaging. As you keep on playing the game, you will be introduced to new surprises like, matching the striped fishes, creating special puffer fishes and creating special porcupines. The math is simple, if you connect more than three similar fishes, of the same species at the same time, you will be achieving any one power up or the other.

Though you will have to keep a check on the baby fish, once the pathway is created, you will have to wait for it to reach the mama fish. Patience is the key. Another main point to keep in mind, is to keep a check on your moves and your score. As the levels progress, it will get challenging for a player to complete the level within the given moves and also achieve the three star rating at the same time.

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Display And Functionality:

The game is like a classic puzzle game with all the essential features and visuals. It is built up to attract any player instantly. The cute graphics, backed up with the fish characters is like a win win situation for the players. The graphics are sought out, and you can easily navigate through the game. It is easy as a pie. The tutorials along with the game are very much useful. The game is also backed up with soothing music to go along with it. What more? It is free to download, with some in-app purchases if you really drool over the game.

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The Verdict:

In conclusion, this game is an overall package. Packed up with twists, great features, cute graphics, fun storyline, amazing power-ups, soothing music and a classic reboot to connect three. Wonderful game and a must try by anyone who is fond of cute fishes. Or anyone who is looking out for curbing their boredom and wants an amazing puzzle game.

The App is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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