Say Hello To Android O, Google Launches First Developer Preview


It had just been a year when Google had unexpectedly announced the developer preview of Android Nougat, and now it officially releases the preview of the next in the series, Android O (We’re supposing ‘O’ could stand for Oreo, considering the succession).

Google rolled the first developer preview of Android O, its next major Android update and you can already install it on supported devices including last year’s Google Pixel phones. It presumably doesn’t have any major features yet that might come anywhere close to being game-changers. However, that wouldn’t be a correct assessment of Google’s next Android upgrade.

The new OS includes a suite of small improvements and a few large ones, hoping to make life easier for Android users all across. The most significant is a new approach to dealing with apps running in the background, which Google says should markedly improve the battery life of phones, tablets and other devices.

So far, its not the right time to judge the new features on Android O since most require app developers to update their code, but some exploring does show tons of interesting settings that hint at what’s to come.

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