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Having a business is a great idea. Having a business related to buying and selling of cars is a great but a competitive idea. Especially when you have some big names in the industry. The business we are talking about here is called Beepi and they are absolutely killing the competition out there by making things extremely simple for both buyers and sellers. Here at TheAppleGoogle, we had a talk with Tyler Infelise, who shared some interesting insights with us regarding Beepi. Here’s their story.



What were your thoughts while coming up with a platform such as Beepi? 

Our CEO and co-founder, Ale Resnik, was inspired to build Beepi after a negative experience purchasing a pre-owned car. Days after the purchase, the car’s engine caught fire, and the dealer would not take it back. After spending numerous hours in court, the idea for Beepi was born to help ensure other people didn’t have to deal with this same negative experience purchasing a used car.

How is Beepi different from its competitors?  

We’re fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell cars, making what’s traditionally been a painful process simple, trustworthy and even fun. Our greatest competition is the old way of doing things. The way our grandparents bought a car 20 years ago is no different from the way people buy cars in 2016 – until now. There are a few companies that are promoting online car sales, but Beepi is the only truly national peer-to-peer marketplace, as well as the only one that allows consumers to fully sell or purchase a vehicle through their mobile phones. With Beepi, you don’t have to do any work or deal with any strangers the way you do with eBay or Craigslist. Beepi takes away all that time and effort while also providing a safe environment to sell or buy a car. With Beepi, there’s an added level of trust built from our certified auto inspectors, who conduct our famous 240-point inspections, the most comprehensive in the industry.


How was the response of your team when you were planning to develop an App? 

At Beepi, we’re always looking for new ways to make the car buying and selling process easier. So creating the first app to seamlessly buy or sell your car was a perfect way to remove more friction. We live in an increasingly mobile society. People are on the go and like the idea of having an App they can access wherever they are.

What challenges did you face during its development? 

Buying and selling a car is a complex process. It was no easy task to streamline that process into just a few taps on your phone. But ultimately that seamless experience is what has always set us apart in such an established industry. We are working to change entrenched consumer behaviors and disrupt a very old business model, and that is certainly always a challenge. However, it is one we are extremely excited about. We look forward to continuing to educate consumers that there are alternatives and better ways of doing things.


Beepi has become pretty popular amongst the people. Can you share the marketing strategy you used?

At Beepi, trust is at the heart of everything we do. The customer is our top priority — everything we do is for them. Critical to our marketing strategy is offering the best possible experience from start to finish, so our customers have a positive experience to share with their friends and their wider networks.

Developing an App like Beepi must have involved a lot of research. Who did you look up to when you needed help? 

We have benefited immensely from the insights of our investors, whether it comes in the form of advice on how to approach the market, or feedback on their recent car delivery. This is especially true when it comes to mobile. And to help Beepi bring innovation to the fragmented used-car industry, a $390 billion market, we assembled economic, government and legal heavyweights known for embracing innovation and affecting change into our advisory board. The three founding advisory board members provide ongoing counsel to Beepi on trends and issues related to consumer empowerment, state and federal regulations and the automotive industry.

How does your App manage to help its users in the whole transaction of buying and selling? 

It’s easy. If you’re selling your car, you first enter in a few details about your car along with your location. Then we schedule a time for one of our professional inspectors to come out, inspect your car and do a full photo shoot, capturing beautiful images for the Beepi community of buyers to view online and through the app.  If the car passes our 240-point inspection and you like the price our algorithms generated for your car, we take it from there. We find a buyer, handle all the logistics and paperwork and you sit back and receive your check once the car is purchased. We guarantee your car will sell in 30 days or we’ll buy it from you. For buyers, simply pick out the car you love on or through the app, checkout like you would for anything you buy online, and we’ll pick up, detail and deliver it right to you, wrapped in a big bow. You can even choose the color of the bow on top!


Have you developed any Apps for Android platforms? If not, do you plan to do so? 

While we are only available to the public on iOS for now, we are working to make Beepi available to more people each day and have plans for Android in the future. In the meantime, you may notice an Android application each of our inspectors and specialists use when inspecting, picking up and delivering cars. This was actually our first app, and one we continue to develop to power our operations and streamline the customer experience.

Any future Apps that you are currently working? Can you share its details? 

We’re really just getting started when it comes to mobile. We are focused on offering customers the best possible experience when it comes to car buying and selling, and to opening up new streams of revenue and growth for Beepi over for the long haul. We recently updated the app with new features that make selling a car even easier, such as getting an instant quote on your car’s value just by entering in your license plate number or scanning your VIN.  But there’s lots more to do.

Lastly, what advice would like to give to upcoming developers? 

Take something that was hard or painful to go through, and make it simple and fun. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it will always be appreciated if you can pull it off. With Beepi, everything revolves around the customer and delivering the best possible experience. Why? Because there’s a lot of room to improve the way things used to be.

You can always download the iOS App from here.

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