Apple Launching New iPhone And iPad On March 21st Event


According to Re/Code, Apple’s rumored media event which was going to take place sometime in the 2nd week of March has been pushed to 21st March for reasons which are quite unclear. The event will most likely will take place at Apple Town Hall in Cupertino. At the event, the company will be introducing the new iPhone SE, a smaller version of the iPad Pro and some minor enhancements to the Apple Watch.The most anticipated product of the media event would be the long awaited 4-inch iPhone which would most likely be called the iPhone SE. While initial rumors suggest that the iPhone SE would be a beefed up version of the iPhone 5s, it is most likely going to be an iPhone 6 with a smaller screen. The iPhone SE would come lock stocked with an A9 processor, an M9 motion co-processor, a 12 megapixel camera, an NFC chip, support for live photos and much more. The iPhone SE might be a game changer for Apple which was having a rough start and most likely an uneventful second quarter.

To add to that, Apple is also most likely going to introduce a 9.7 inch version of the iPad Pro. It is also rumored that the Apple Pencil will be shipped along with this iPad and it will also support the Smart Keyboard.

It is also most likely that at the event, Apple will also introduce some new bands and accessories for the Apple Watch. We will get back to you with some more updates constantly and let you know how the landscape for Apple looks like in 2016.

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