An Interview With Amagumo Games – Creators Of Neybers For iOS

Neybers LogoA lot of us love to wonder about what our dream house would look like. Well, the developers at Amagumo Games might just have brought us a step closer with their App, Neybers. Read on to find out about the App, the team’s experience and their future plans.


We want to start off by saying that we appreciate the unique idea of the App. We are intrigued about how you came to think of it.

Thank you for the nice comment 🙂 There are a lot people that loves interior design and decoration. It is one of the most popular hobbys/interests in the world. We wanted people to be able to play with real interior design products. The only one doing something similar at the time was the game Sims — and they had no real products. I often compare neybers to a dollhouse for grown ups, using real products. A fun, creative and social way for users to experience interior design, and also for brands, designers and stores to get discovered. By combining those things, neybers was born.


What purpose did you have in mind when you created the App? What did you want your users to take away from it?

We want people to play with products because we think that, in the right context, it can be a really fun and unique experience. We want people to be able to play, be creative, be social and get inspired with products in an undemanding environment with products they might not have the room or the money for in real life. We want them to allow themselves to get lost in their interior design dreams.

Neybers Screenshot

What has been your experience with designers? What were their reactions when you went to them with the concept of your App?

A lot of the designers we meet are very open-minded and found neybers to be a interesting concept. They are creative people themselves and they also know how hard it is to get customers attention, so they were curious and wanted to try it out.


There are various packs available for sale on the App. Will you please elaborate on what they comprise of?

The coin packs are way for our users to get coins. With coins you can buy products that do not come from brands, stores or designers. The products you can buy with coins are often things you might want to add to the room to make it more alive — like a flower or a pile of clothes. As a user you can either do daily interior design tasks to earn coins or buy them with in-app purchase.


Your social media pages are absolutely gorgeous. Do you have followers/subscribers send you what they have created using Neybers?

Thank you! Yes we have, and it’s incredible to see what our users are capable of. Yes we have a lot of users making fantastic rooms and magazines in neybers and sometimes they send it to us. Our users always surprise us with what they do in neybers and we love that.

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Kindly share the feedback that you get from your users. What are they most appreciative about and what are they most critical about?

We get a lot of great feedback from our users and we really appreciate that. They want more things and features so that they can decorate more rooms or create more magazines. They also want more ways to discover new products and functions that let them be even more social. They are most critical about limitations in the application and not being able to use neybers on other platforms.


What does being featured on Apple’s ‘Best New Apps’ list mean for you?

We are honored to get the acknowledgement from Apple, we really appreciate that. And of course, a featured place in the App-store means a lot of new users.


Lastly, what does the future hold for Neybers?

A lot of great things and while we are not yet ready to reveal those plans yet I can guarantee that ee have a whole list of things we want to add in the app so that we can help build the most fun, creative and social community ever for users and products partners. We also want to make neybers available for more users around the world.

You can download the App here.

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