How To Fix Weak Taptic Feedback On Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Taptic FeedbackHaving trouble with the taptic feedback on your Apple watch? Here are a couple of quick steps that you can try, to put the tap back to function properly.

Check your settings

  • Open up the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and tap on “Sounds and Haptics” which you will find below the “General” option.
  • In the “Sounds and Haptics” section, just below the “Mute” toggle, you will find “Haptic Strength” under which you have three options – Off, Low and High. Set it to the highest level, which may feel weird at first, but you’ll like it after a while (your watch will respond with a test tap).

This can be performed on the Apple Watch also by going to “Sounds and Haptics” under “Settings” and using the digital crown to make the adjustments.

Just in case if it’s already propelled on top, there is another solution to the problem. Try turning it off and back on again – this may seem a bit lame, but it actually works when it comes to hardware issues. Some junk or twaddle stuff that may have clogged up your Apple Watch can be easily cleared out with a fast reboot.

Apple Watch

Holding down the side button for a few seconds displays options to “Power off”, “Enter power reserve mode” and “Lock your watch”. Tap on “Power off” and wait for the watch to shut down completely. Hold down the side button again to start up your watch again.

If both the above options haven’t worked for you, try a hard reset by holding down both – the side button and the digital crown for about 10 seconds until it switches off and the Apple logo pops up. Hard reset can also be used any other time if your watch, or some of the Apps, seem quirky.

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