Android M : Mocha? Mousse? …Mentos?

Android MYES, the age of Lollipop is almost over! YES, later this year the world will witness release of the latest version of our beloved Android (Android M)! But NO, we don’t know what the ‘M’ stands for and we are eager!

Nat and Lo

On the 14th of August, Googlers Nat and Lo uploaded a video on their YouTube channel called “What’s M Gonna Be?” The short video reminds us what Android has served us in the past that we have satisfactorily (well, on several occasions) devoured. It also explores what ‘M’ in Android M could stand for. (Seriously though, Mentos…? Really…?)

You can watch the video here and comment below to tell us what you think that ‘M’ might stand for.

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