5 Apps That Will Earn You Free Recharges

RechargeThere are so many great Apps that you would be ready to spend your money on. I admit, not all good things in life are free. But is that true? Check out our list of 5 cool Apps that will help you earn free recharges every day and decide for yourself. This is no joke as these Apps will get you talktime for App referrals, using the App for a few days, etc. And, these Apps are free! Since most of us have a Smartphone today, what could be better than letting these expensive phones earn for themselves?

From all the time that you spend on Facebook, Line and WhatsApp, I ask you to spend 15 minutes of your day and earn yourself some talk-time without having to spend on it. Now there is an offer you cannot refuse.

#1 mCent


Now that is a name to know when you are talking about Apps for free recharges. mCent is the highest paying App when it comes to the free recharges league. This App has made it big and so can you, when it comes to earning money. It has daily offers for new recharges, so make sure you check them daily. It also offers free recharge for registering – a little treat on your first step itself. The big news with this App however is the huge referral amount it offers. It offers upto Rs. 300 for every user you refer the App to. Keep an eye on the referral amount as it varies with from time to time.

#2 Grappr


Grappr is relatively new in the free recharge business. This App offers a meagre amount of Rs. 10-15 per referral but it is a stand out for its unique features. They have different levels for referral features which will depend on the number of offers or tasks you complete. What a way to keep its users hooked! But it is inevitably one of the best free recharge Apps out there. The offers are also customized based on the location and behavior of their users. Finally! An App which will understand you to serve you better.

#3 Ladooo


Ladooo, apart from sounding sweet, is a treat to have on your phone! This App offers a good amount for downloading Apps. But that is definitely not all, as it has great referral features too. The App referral offer keeps varying so keep checking it everyday to earn upto Rs. 55 per referral. Simple tasks like watching a video or posting a question or finishing polls can get you really lucky with this App. It offers up to Rs. 20 per task and it keeps getting better with changing offers everyday.

#4 Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime

This App has spent a huge amount to let the world know about itself and it is not shocking that you must have come across it. Its name does half the job for its description and people take immediate notice of this App. Earn Talktime is another way to earn large amount of recharges in a few steps. It offers up to Rs. 50 as referral amount. The nicest thing about this App is the convenience it offers with recharges. The credit comes almost instantly and it does not make you wait.

#5 Cash Boss

Cash Boss

Cash Boss has had a lucky ride in the Play Store. This App launched with huge success in 2015. This is the App with which CouponDunia has taken to the free recharge earning league. It offers a high amount for downloading and trying out different Apps. And it is easier than ever to earn quite a sum with this one as the referral offer per user is Rs. 20.

Imagine the number of Smartphones around you and do the math as you keep earning money by referring these Apps to others. Go ahead and get into the tech charity.

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