Desktop Notifications — Notifications On Your Browser (Review)

notificationsDon’t want to miss out on those important notifications about your next meeting date, time at the movies, or your anniversary but don’t want to leave whatever you’re browsing? Desktop notifications combines these two tasks, making your browser act as a hub for notifications so that you don’t miss out on those while surfing the web.

Content and Features


Well, since both the content and the features are nothing more than a browser extension required to access notifications, there is nothing much more to say about this App except that it works. However, there are still some important points to be mentioned, such as the App extension is only supported on chrome and Firefox browsers for Android, which does mean that people with some of the top-growing and lightweight browsers, such as UC browser and Opera Mini, will not be able to enjoy this App.We hope this might change in the future.


The App requires permission to access notifications. There are also options provided to play a sound or vibrate the phone, or both every time you receive a notification. If you have ideas for improvements, you can also send those to the developers via e-mail.

The Good

– Great concept
– Support for vibrate/sound
– Support for laptops

The Not So Good

– Not supported by all browsers

The Verdict


Since the concept of desktop notifications is in its early stages, we still have to wait for developers to add some features to it, which may be good or you may end up not using them at all. But still, even in its current version, the App fares pretty well and we wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone. You can download Desktop Notifications from Google Play Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 3.5/5


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