AppMaster for Android — Secure Your App Data Without Hassle

AppMansterSecurity is a prime concern for all smartphone and tablet users. For that reason all devices come equipped at least with a screen-lock mechanism. But it is this mechanism which sometimes becomes annoying when you need to access your phone in a hurry. This is when AppMaster comes in handy. It allows you to protect your data without having to lock the entire phone. In addition, you can also backup all your Apps.

Content and Features

AppMaster’s main aim is to protect and secure your data. It does this via App Lock, Hide Image and App Backup. With App Lock you can select any App on your device (just tap on it) and lock it individually. The App icon will appear on the screen with a small lock on it. To access it you will need to re-enter the 4-digit password or pattern you’ve set up earlier. You can easily remove the lock on an App by tapping on it again via AppMaster. Similarly, you can hide any images in your photo gallery that you don’t want anyone else to see.


To backup an App, just select it from the list of Apps and hit “Backup.” A copy of the App in its current state is saved on the SD Card. You can easily restore the App from the “App Restore” tab. Another great feature of the App is to “Boost” performance. This frees up memory and speeds up your device.

Appearance and Design


The main screen of AppMaster is simple and aesthetically appealing. Top of the screen displays the number of Apps installed on your device. Next to it you’ll be able to see the number of Apps that have been locked. You can also see in percentage the amount of memory currently used by the device. You also have the ability to choose from different themes by tapping on the clever “shirt” icon on the top-right corner.

The Good

–  Clean display
– Ability to lock individual Apps
– Performance boost

The Not So Good

– It would be good to see what items get cleaned by Boost to speed up the device.

The Verdict

AppMaster is a great App for anyone who wants to gain control over the data and performance of their phone. It’s easy to use with a very appealing UI. You can get it free from the Play Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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