How To Set Up Handoff / Continuity In iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite

HandoffHandoff feature allows seamless workflow across all Apple devices. With Handoff a user can start work on one device and continue working on another.


To SetUp HandOff feature ensure the below:

  1. Both the iOS and OS X device on which Handoff feature is being set up should be in same Wi-Fi network
  2. Enable Bluetooth and WiFi on both iOS and OS X devices.
  3. They should be logged on to the same iCould Account
  4. Ensure Safari is not in Private mode

Steps to Set Up HandOff

  1. In your OS X device go to “System preferences” —> “General”. Enable/Click on “Allow handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices”.
  2. In your iOS 8 device, go to “Settings”  —> “General” —> Handoff & Suggested Apps. Enable Hand off.
  3. Now in your Mac device go to FaceTime and from the top menu select preferences. Enable/Click iPhone cellular calls.

After Set Up now check if the HandOff feature is working or not 

On Mac by: Opening a new web page on Safari on your iOS device. A new Safari icon with a small mobile icon in the corner will show on the dock.

On iOS by: Opening a new web page on Mac. This will show a Safari icon on the bottom left of the iOS lock screen.

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