5 Products Apple Is Releasing This Year

iWatch2014 so far hasn’t produced many devices for Apple’s fans. Usually, WWDC is the event where Apple launches its next generation devices, but this year it was more about iOS 8 and Yosemite. Not that we’re not excited about the new software with some great features, it’s nice to look forward to a new device. And Apple being Apple has at least 5 products in the pipeline for this year, just in time for Christmas!

1. iPhone 6


The new iPhone 6 is arguably the most anticipated device of the year. Leaked images, videos and rumours have only served to heighten the excitement. The phone will be released in two models — 4.7 and 5.5–inch. There had been increased demands from users for a larger screen and Apple has answered it. The launch event is scheduled for 9th September with the 4.7” phone allegedly hitting the market on 19th September. Rumours suggest that the bigger model will be released about a month later.

2. Next-gen iPads



We recently reported that the new iPads — iPad Air 2 and Retina iPad mini 2 — have gone into production in time for their launch later this year. Similar to iPhone 6, these iPads will be equipped with Apple’s new “A8” processor. There is no set date for when these iPads will be available to customers, but these may follow on the heels of iPhone 6.

3. Improved Macbook Air



In June, Intel announced a new 14nm Core M Broadwell processor which it claims to be the most energy-efficient processor in the company’s history. This chip has the power to make a device fanless, which could ultimately give us an ultra-thin, fanless Macbook Air. However, chances are, that this may not be launched until much later this year.

4. iWatch


Apple fans have been waiting for a smart watch for a long time and this year this might turn into a reality. Rumoured to come in two sizes — 1.3” and 1.5” — the iWatch is predicted to have a stylish curved design with biometric recognition and wireless charging. Its main focus is said to be on users’ health data. Earlier predictions had set the launch date in October, but a recent report in a Taiwanese newspaper indicates that the smart watch may not be available until the end of the year.

5. Apple TV


Of all the products, Apple TV is the one most likely to be postponed to 2015. Apple have been rumoured to be working with Comcast on a new Apple TV which will have its own App Store and an iOS 8–style look. But apart from a recent beta update which revamped the look-and-feel of the interface, it’s doubtful more will be done on the product until next year.

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