How To Make The Most Of Google Maps

mapsGoogle Maps is one of the most powerful and useful Apps on your android phone. The App has incredible features which makes getting directions, searching for locations, and finding your way around a place extremely easy. Now, with some of the lesser-known features mentioned in this article, you can enhance your experience and get more out of Google Maps than just navigating from one place to another.

1. Dropping the pin



A feature that a lot of people know about but don’t use very much, dropping a pin is quite a handy trick. Pressing and holding on a certain location on the map places a pin there, helping you to come back to it later. You can drop as many pins as you want. It’s a great way of comparing distances and time of different destinations on the same map.

2. Rate straight from your phone



Whether you’ve found a location through google map or not, you can rate it and write a review straight from the map. It’s simple. Search for the business on the map, select it and scroll down the information page for the section Rate and Review. Your review will now be available to other users who search for that business.

3. Moving through search results

So you’ve done a search which has produced many results and you need to look at a few of those. Instead of selecting each result one by one, you can swipe left or right on the information box on the top. The App will accordingly select the next or previous result and display it on the map.

4. Search for business details


Along with finding a business’s location on the map, you can get all the details regarding the business as well. Tap on the name in the results box and the App will provide you with the address, contact number, opening hours, etc. For additional information there will also be a link to the website.

5. Sync to your desktop

You can access routes and other destinations that you’ve searched for on your desktop via your Android phone. For this to work you need to log in to your desktop using the same email and password as your Android device. When you next open Maps on your device be sure that Location Services are turned on. Tap the People icon and you will find your recent routes and searches (including the ones created on the desktop) under ‘Recently accessed places.’

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