Omotesando Apple Store Opens On Friday

Omotesando Apple Store

Japan will soon see its eighth Apple retailer when the Omotesando Apple Store in Tokyo will open on Friday June 13, 2014. Apple seems to be doing well in the country because the Omotesando location is the third store in Tokyo alone. A post from Zac Hall in 9 to 5 Mac says the invitations for this Friday’s event have already been sent out.

The Omotesando Apple Store boasts eco-friendliness by using a unique solution to cool down the building during the day when one of its glass walls will be facing the sun. The solution that the building’s planners came up with is a living wall of vines which will block out the sunlight. The living curtain or wall will prevent the glass wall from turning the whole building into a greenhouse, saving Apple air conditioning costs and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The building’s design is proof that Apple is serious with its environmental program, something the company highlighted back in April during the Earth Day celebrations.

Image: Credit Ringo-Sanco

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