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FrescoFresco for iOS is the latest News App which delivers bite-sized news as events occur around the globe. Fresco claims to bring images directly from the people at the scene of the event. The news is presented in snippets with clean images, making it stand out from other major News Apps.

Content and Features


Fresco aims to deliver news as it happens with images obtained directly from the scene of the events. The news items are presented with a relevant image above a caption and the number of hours or days ago the event occurred. If you’re uninterested you can scroll down to other news or you can tap for more information on the event. Swiping up the screen brings up a list of links to other major Newspapers which are covering that very news in more detail. There are links to Aljazeera, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and others depending on which newspaper is carrying the relevant article.

Fresco is a completely gesture-driven App which makes scanning through the news items extremely easy and quick. Once you’ve finished reading, you can swipe left to see the next item; swipe down to go back to the home page which lists all the news; or swipe up to reveal the list of other websites carrying the news.

On the top-left of the home page is the menu icon, clicking on it would reveal the featured tags. The tags are sorted alphabetically and are an effective way of searching for news that you’re interested in. For e.g., if you’re interested in the current happenings in Syria you could select the tag Al-Assad or Syria. Fresco also allows you to share any news item via Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you can receive notifications from Fresco if you’ve allowed “Push Notifications.”

Design and Appearance



The clean and intuitive way that the news is displayed on the home screen is what makes Fresco stand apart from the rest of the News Apps. The gesture-driven UI makes it easy and practical to move between news items. The images are beautiful and of high quality. When you swipe up on a news to bring up the list of other websites the background image can still be seen through the transparent foreground, and the news remains on the screen. This is a very nice touch, proving that Fresco is all about news.

Fresco’s Positives

* Stunning photos.
* A visual way of delivering news.
* Clean, gesture-driven UI.
* Easy to select news which interests you.

Fresco’s Negatives

* Not enough news events are covered.

The Verdict

Fresco’s bite-sized news delivery makes it extremely practical for everyday users who are either too busy or too much in a hurry to spend too long reading a news article. It allows users to quickly scan through the latest news and read only what interests them. The articles are a bit limited at the moment, but I suspect this will be fixed in future upgrades as they expand their sources. If you’re looking for a quick, exciting and visual way of receiving the latest on-goings in the world download Fresco free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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