Apple Hiring Siri Engineers To Expand Language Support


As Apple prepares for the launch of iOS 8 and other Apple products across the globe during September this year, it plans to also update Siri with a wide range of language support to act as a perfect virtual assistant people of any dialect can depend on. Apple Jobs page has listed a number of openings for Siri Language Engineers who are “highly motivated and an expert in foreign languages with strong software development skills.”

Apple is looking for Siri Language Engineers who are fluent in British English, Australian English, Japanese, Norwegian, Turkish, Danish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Thai, Russian, and Cantonese. Most of these languages, except Australian and British English, Japanese and Cantonese are not yet supported by Siri. These job listings have been updated between June 10 and June 19, and they not only ask for fluency in language but for native speakers to handle informal language locals communicate in.


The job the engineers are expected to do includes developing natural language processing code specific to each language and providing input toward new features designed to target their market. Besides giving language support, candidates are expected to have a proven track record in delivering product-quality code as well as OS X or iOS development skills and proficiency with Java, Perl, and shell scripting.

Apple has been constantly working on improving its virtual assistant Siri by recruiting top notch engineers who are fluent in their languages to work on support for additional languages for the service. Currently, Siri understands and speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Canadian French, German, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

Other Siri features to look for in iOS 8 are hands-free “Hey Siri” voice activation, Shazam integration, ability to open the App Store, and streaming voice recognition.

Image Credit: MacRumours

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