Angela Ahrendts Plans Restructuring Of Apple Stores

Angela Ahrendts

Apple’s recent hire, Angela Ahrendts, had recently sent her first memo to Apple’s retail employees informing them about her future plans. She wrote about giving a new and delightful experience to customers every moment in line with Apple’s philosophy. She also wrote about plans to expand in new markets, developing new technologies and integrating platforms. According to 9to5Mac, in line with her recent communication, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores is planning a fundamental restructuring of Apple’s retail stores.

She plans to bring the current customer experience to much higher levels with the new series of store openings that are planned across the world. There will be a change from current structure where all Apple Stores are grouped as per geographical regions. According to a source, Ahrendts is aiming to restructure stores based on sales volumes and not geographical region. The intention is to streamline Apple retail operations in order to increase customer satisfaction. Grouping the stores by how much of certain products they sell will ensure similar leadership and promotions. This move is planned to create even more tailored experiences to individual stores.

After joining Apple on 1st May, Ahrendts has already moved the position and places of operation of a few retail executives which is in line with her restructuring plans. In her conversation with Apple employees few weeks back she indicated her plans to revamp the end-to-end Apple Store sales experience, get into mobile payments, and work on the needs of the Chinese market. Besides opening multiple stores across the world, Ahrendts will oversee the opening of 20 more Apple Stores in China through 2016. Currently Apple has 10 stores in China.

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