Testing: Promo Codes For In-App Purchases

codePromo codes for Apps have been around for long and have been a great promotion tool. Till now these promo codes were just limited for initial download of App and not for In-App purchases, but now Apple seems to be working on this unique solution. The new feature which is under testing will help you to use promo codes for In-App purchases too. This will be beneficial for developers, early app testers, reviewers and other users to get the access to the full content.

Besides giving the benefit to the user who has the App installed, it also has other interesting benefits for the developer. If a user doesn’t have an App installed the promo code on being entered will automatically install the App.

Currently just available on Real Racing 3 for testing, Jeff Scott of 148apps.com has shared some screenshots promo code for In-App purchase from the major developer EA. EA is currently giving the promo code to customers for 10 free gold within the game app (other-wise its for $1.99). Simply entering the promo code will automatically install the App and then redeem the code.

The developer site still says promo codes are not available for In-App purchases, “Promo codes don’t work for In-App purchase products, including Newsstand issues.”

If you know nothing about promo codes as a user or as a developer, check this out.

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