How To: Hide Apps And Folder In iOS 7.1 Without Jailbreaking

TUAWTired of irksome friends or kids who just take your mobile in their hand and keep checking your stuff? Not anymore. With this cool trick in iOS 7.1 you can completely hide Apps from your home screen and yet use them easily. In fact, you can also hide Apps that you seldom use, but you don’t want to permanently delete.

Steps to hide Apps/Folders

1. Add the Apps you want to hide in a folder, let’s start this by just choosing two Apps. We’ll call this as Folder 1
2. Now make sure your home screen is full with Apps leaving no free space
3. Nest Folder 1 to a new Folder with any two Apps and let’s call this Folder 2. To know how to create nested folders, click here
4. Tap and remove the Apps from Folder 2 to Home Screen leaving just Folder 1 nested in Folder 2. This will appear as a blank folder on your home screen
5. Open Folder 2, tap and hold Folder 1 and drag it to the dock area, as soon as Folder 2 disappears release Folder 1 in the dock. Do not release it before the disappearance of Folder 2
6. Eureka! The Folder 1 with the Apps you wanted to hide are now nowhere to be found on your screen

Accessing the Hidden Apps

1. Touch anywhere in the home screen and make a pull down stroke with your finger to get the Search Bar on top
2. Type the name of the App in the Search Bar
3. Start using it while it is still hidden

Retrieving the Apps back

1. Simply restart your phone and your hidden Apps will reappear on your home screen

via TUAW

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