A Creepy Live Wallpaper, Haunted House HD for Android (Review)

hauntedhouseHaunted House HD is a spooky and creepy Live Wallpaper application that transforms your Android smartphone into a Halloween perk. Developed by Dualboot Games, who are well praised for their live wallpapers, Haunted House HD allows you to roam a completely haunted mansion right from your smartphone.

After you select Haunted House HD from the Live Wallpaper menu of your smartphone, your wallpaper will change and the screen will flicker (that’s part of the app). The camera will pan across a wild, aged house, shrouded in fog, and Jack-o-lanterns will be guarding the entrance. Haunted House HD has two scenes, one outside the house and one inside the house. To enter the house, you can double tap the screen or you can change the settings as you like. When double tapping the screen, the camera will zoom to the door, as if peeking inside the house and you’ll see some paintings, abandoned staircases and ghosts. Yes! The lights will intermittently flicker on and off and the ghosts will appear and disappear periodically. Moreover, Haunted House HD is fully customizable. You can change the scenes as you like through the Settings, such as ‘Custom Ghosts’ and ‘Mantle Painting’, messages, camera, events and toggles. Lastly, to move across the scene, all you have to do is just swipe between the home screens and the scene moves.


Haunted House HD has smooth animation and excellent graphics. The app features the best graphics we have seen. Though the app can eat away your battery, you can change ‘Advanced’ settings which allows you to either save battery or improve performance which is a nice addition to the app. Also Haunted House HD can lag if you don’t have a fast smartphone but you can remove unwanted animation from the settings to decrease the lag. On the other hand, Haunted House HD has add-on features such as the ‘Cemetery Pack’ which adds more scenes to improve the creepiness of the app.

Haunted House HD is an awesome Live Wallpaper. Haunted House HD is available only on the Google Play Store for $1.99 for Android devices 2.3 and up.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10

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