Amazon’s TV – Apple TV’s Competitor Is Coming Soon

amazontvSome interesting news here. Amazon is preparing to launch a product that will compete with the Apple TV. According to the WSJ, Amazon’s product for the TV space would be similar to the Apple TV and other competitors.

The set-top box, which would pit the online retailer against a host of established rivals, is a small device that resembles a Roku Inc. player and is similarly styled as a platform to run apps and content from a variety of sources, these people said. It would also serve as a delivery vehicle for Amazon’s existing streaming video service—available as part of its Prime membership—which competes with Netflix Inc. and has been expanding lately.

Just as Apple hosts a ton of content on its server, Amazon too has a wide variety of offerings that enable users to experience entertainment and content in a whole new way. Amazon’s TV product offering will be bringing all those connected service to the end users through one device via network.

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