Apple Rumored to Release New Colored iPhone 5S in July

coloripodThe buzz of what will be coming for this year from Apple has been making the rounds on the internet for some time. The latest of it involves the release of the new colored versions of the iPhone 5S in July. Ming-Chi Kou, an analyst at KGI Securities made some of the predictions and he has been right in his predictions of Apple’s moves in the past. It is predicted Apple will roll out the iPhone 5S, cheaper iPhone versions and fingerprint identification technology to go with them in July. There are also hints that the new iPhone will come in different colors with a casing made of anodized aluminum but it could be that the cheaper version will be the one getting the colorful casings in plastic; it is cheap to produce colorful plastic casings.

The lower cost iPhone will cut production cost by having a fiberglass and plastic casing and a slightly simplified chipset. Another of the rumored features of the new device is the fingerprint identification technology and a fingerprint sensor which would be located under the home button of the iPhone. This would not be surprising because Apple acquired Authen Tec last year. Authen Tec is a fingerprint sensor and security software company. Neither Apple nor Authen Tec confirmed the integration of the technology into any Apple device yet but we know that Apple is always tight-lipped about all of their technology before it is finally rolled out. Another not-so-surprising development on the iPhone 5S would be a faster processor, it is public knowledge that Apple has been developing their A5X chips successfully so far.

There is still no confirmation as to what the new Apple devices in July will be. Everything is just pure speculation at this point. We can never be sure until Apple will announce their new devices for the July roll out, in June. All we can do is sit and wait and see if Apple will be able to “surprise and shock” us this July.

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