Apple Reaches Milestone Of 100 Million iPod Touch Units Sold

ipod touchApple declared yesterday that it has sold 100 million iPod touch units since the device’s launch back in 2007. The iPod Touch is a version of the iPod that is more or less like the iPhone without the “phone” part, in short no calling abilities. The iPod touch has a 4-inch screen, and uses Apple’s A5 processor chip amongst various other remarkable features. Many consider it to be an iPhone, without the phone.

The unit has the capability to take 1080P video and panoramic view still photos. It can also support Apple’s Siri the company’s voice operated digital assistant software. On the same day that Apple declared reaching their milestone of 100 million iPod touch units sold, Apple also launched their cheaper version of the iPod Touch a model with a 16GB memory, no rear camera, and no iPod Touch loop. The unit, which is the fifth version since its 2007 launch, sells for only $229.00.

Apple does not normally declare their quarterly iPod sales surprised many with the declaration of the 100 million iPod touch Units Sold milestone. With the launch of the cheaper version, Apple will surely see their sales crawling towards the next milestone at a faster pace.

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