Apple Launches New iPod Touch At $229

newipodApple launched a low priced iPod Touch version, the fifth since the unit’s debut back in 2007. This follows the trend of the rumored launch a cheaper version of the iPhone to be launched this year. The fifth generation low priced iPod Touch was launched with little fanfare through Apple’s online store yesterday and should be available through Apple retailers by today. The launch of the new low priced iPod Touch also came with the declaration by Apple that they have reached a milestone of 100 million iPod touch units sold since its launch back in 2007. iPod Touch also had five versions since then with the low priced version being the latest.

The low priced iPod Touch is a stripped down version of the regular iPod. It has just half the memory at 16GB and sold for only $229.00. The new version also lacks the rear-facing camera and the lanyard or wrist strap (Apple “Loop”) introduced in the earlier versions. It retains the Dual Core A5 Processor, 4-inch Retina display, front-facing HD camera, aluminum shell and the iconic EarPods. Unlike the multi colored earlier versions, the latest one only comes in grey. What I would have wished for though, even if they just made an 8GB version is they should have placed an expansion card slot capable of supporting up to 32GB micro SD, but Apple doesn’t seem to want devices from other manufacturers plugging into theirs, hence the absence of the feature in most if not all Apple devices.

There is one thing clear though, with the launch of stripped-down low-priced versions of their devices, Apple will surely regain some of the international market sales they have lost in the past year.

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