Would You Pay $160,000 to Have Coffee With Tim Cook?

timcookAt first glance maybe you would think this is either a joke or an exaggeration, but it is not. If you want to have coffee with Tim Cook, you can bid at CharityBuzz.com. The website places the estimated value of the lot at $160,000 (at the time of this writing). The lot allows the winning bidder to have coffee with Tim Cook along with 30 minutes to an hour of his time at the Apple Cupertino Head Quarters. Travel, hotel and other expenses unfortunately is not covered by the lot and will be shouldered by the winner. The current bid as of writing is already at $160,000.00 with 48 bids already logged, this is amazing considering that there is still 20 days left to bid. Bidding will officially close on May 14, 2013.

Apple CEO Tim Cook auctioned his time of about 30 minutes to an hour not for personal profit but for a cause. The proceeds from the auction will be going to support the RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) Center for Justice and Human Rights. So what will you get from spending time and having coffee with Tim Cook? A chance to meet one of the best liked CEOs of one of the leading Tech Companies for one, or you could get a few life pointers from him. Maybe you could even coax the man into giving you a peek of what new technology Apple is working on right now. Maybe the idea would come as you sit at the table with him but the most important part is that your money will be going for a good cause.

Along with Tim Cook, the other celebrities supporting the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights include Jay Leno, Carrie Underwood, Robert DeNiro, Francis Ford Coppola, Peyton Manning, and Alex Trebec.

Check or bid (*cough) here.

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