Google Glass Has Been Jailbroken

Google released a developer’s version of Google Glass to App developers last week (it is set to be released to the public some time in 2014), and just a few days later the device has already been hacked. Well-known “jailbreaker” Jay Freeman who has the nickname “Saurik” in the hacker circles announced via a Twitter post last Friday that he has hacked his device. Jailbreaking is a term used by hackers to describe hacking into the root software of the device and modifying it to circumvent most manufacturer restrictions.

According to Freeman, he jailbroke his device “in two hours while having dinner with friends.” He said that once he verified what the version of the operating system is he tried exploits known to crack that operating system and found one discovered by another jailbreaker (B1nary) to gain control of the operating system of Google Glass.

“You take a backup from the device, modify the backup, and then restore the modified backup to the device. While the backup is restoring, you make a change to the data being restored that redirects the data being restored to overwrite a critical configuration file. This makes the device think that it is not running on real hardware: you make it think it is instead running on the emulator used by Android developers to test their software on desktop/laptop computers. As the emulator is designed for developers, it has full control and gives you “root”.

The tweet by @saurik –

There are other App developers who also cracked their test units. One of them is “Liam Maclaughlin” who is said to have hacked his a day before Freeman announced his success. The hacking of Google Glass however does not seem to bother Google as they have always liked open source and have no issues with people modifying their software.

What this means and what can be done to the jailbroken devices, however still remains to be seen. A year before its release Google Glass is already banned from some casinos.

The future of Google Glass is still uncertain.

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