Top 5 Funny Apps for iPad

Funny iPadWork is highly important to all of us, but we all need to have some time out to enjoy things and have fun once in a while. There are some incredible Apps developed by witty developers that will bring you enjoyment to what might have been, a very dull day.

Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1. Talking Tom Cat 2: Free

Talking TOmTalking Tom is a great way to interact with a virtual character. When interacting with the touchscreen on your iPad you can prompt ‘Tom’ to make noises alongside him picking up anything you say and saying it back to you in a ‘funny’ tone of voice. In addition you can share and upload your experiences with this application to many of the main social networking sites, to show your friends what the application can do. Talking Tom is one of the very best ways to amuse yourself for prolonged periods of time. The application contains a great UI (User Interface) and smooth multitouch gestures, which provide the user with a fantastic experience.

2. FatBooth: Free

Fat boothFatBooth is an application like no other. It utilizes the camera on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in order for you to gain an insight as to what you would look like if you would happen to put on a few extra pounds. FatBooth is huge fun if you’re looking to have a laugh with some friends, while it comes with the added value of a great UI and an outstanding implementation of the features within your iOS device.


3. FireworksToy: Free

With FireworksToy you can light up the sky with your own firework designs to impress you friends with your skill. With the ability to choose your own canvas onto which you put the fireworks – you can make the sky of your favorite City glow with some of the most amazing fireworks you have ever seen. We have been highly impressed with how this application works – it’s smooth in operation and it complies with the orientation of your device to make the fireworks look as real and authentic as possible. It’s not quite funny, yet somewhat creative.

4. Friend Doodle!: $1.99

Friend DoodleFancy playing a prank on your friends or family? Indigo Penguin have you completely covered with their innovative application which allows you to access the pictures on your iOS device and annotate them as you wish. The suggested use of this application is to take a picture of your close friend or relative and annotate it to fluctuate their look to a funny one. While this application is functional, we weren’t happy with the way it goes about completing tasks, such as the screen transitions and the loading times. In addition to this the UI isn’t as aesthetically pleasing for a paid App. Free version available as well.

Funny Pics

5.Funny Pics: Free

Do you require some light entertainment? StuckPixel Inc has you completely covered with their fun but simple application called Funny Pics. This application houses an archive full of amusing pictures, which are likely to entertain you and your friends. It also offers some other compelling features, which enhance the application’s attraction to the user. For example, you have the ability to read and post comments on your favorite pictures in order to express your opinions and point out different aspects. Also, you can reach out and connect with your friends and family by way of Facebook, Twitter and Email. We’re impressed with the performance seen within this application. It’s smooth and responsive UI does justice to the great content which is updated daily for your viewing pleasure, yet the ability to download the pictures you like the best gives the user freedom and reduces the limitations within the application. The graphics need some work.


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