Top 5 Finance Apps for iPad

Finance App iPadFinancial applications for mobile devices are yet to flourish in the various App Stores around today. However there are definitely some very promising developments, which have a vast potential to be transformed into something, significantly more powerful and suitable for replacing the use of the traditional PC.

For the most part, these applications are designed for the user to keep track of their personal or corporate income and expenditure. They allow you to keep track of the transactions made on your various accounts and budget according to what you are spending at any point in time.

Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1. Money for iPad: $4.99

Money For iPadMoney has to be the foremost application we give an overview of. This application allows you to definitively keep track of your finances and bills and identify what needs to be paid on a day-to-day basis. It completes tasks, which are directly synonymous to that of ‘Bills for iPad’ however with a lot more authenticity. Upon launching, and putting your 4 digit passcode in (if applicable), you will be greeted with a fantastic layout in which you can enter many of your various accounts, set up scheduled transactions and bills and view on the in built (standalone) calendar your due and overdue bills and transactions which need to be made. In addition, if you happen to have Money installed on your iPhone or Mac; you can sync your accounts and transactions by way of iCloud. We were really pleased with this application and how it works and the only downside we can think of at this point in time is the high price point which it comes with. Still not something, which should change your decision as to whether, you should buy it though.

2. Bills for iPad: $2.99 

Bills for iPadBills for iPad is great way for you to manage your bills and plan when to pay them. Still focused on personal finances, this application has been designed to focus on allowing you to remember to pay your bills on time. You can sync your set up accounts, cards and loans within this application to iCloud, to gain a full preview of what your finances will look like after paying the bills – wherever you are. The UI within this application creates a fresh and proprietary look, which is quite different to that of the other applications reviewed here. Despite this though we feel that this application is a little pricey for what it’s capable of.

3. Budget Book: $0.99

Budget BookOne of the more simplistic applications of this top 5 is Budget Book. It combines simplicity with features, which you could argue is all you will ever need. Budget Book allows you to enter transactions, along with recurring and scheduled ones. Entering the transactions is simple and easy, but it contains a lot of features alongside the ones for ones basic needs. One of the main attractions of this application, which makes it more incomparable to that of the other applications in this top 5 is the explicit budgeting. What we mean by this is that you can budget for each category you have created for your accounts. This allows you to track spending more closely and compensate your spending accordingly. This is a great App and we highly recommend it. The interface is unlike any other and a pleasure to use.

4. Spending Tracker: Free

Spending TrackerSpending Tracker is the only App out of these 5 Apps which is completely free of charge in Apple’s App Store. It allows you to keep track of your various accounts, with a simple, but comprehensive overview of your spending across your various accounts on offer. Another of the resplendent features within this application is how intuitive it is during operation. For example – filling in a new transaction couldn’t be easier. Alongside this, you can differentiate between your transactions depending on the category of which they might be. Despite this rather positive overview though, the fact that this application is free does become evident in some areas of the application. The lack of a nicely polished UI (User Interface) and the ability to budget and schedule transactions disappoints us, as we feel as if this is something which should be included on a personal finance application.

5. Budget Notes: $2.99

The idea of Budget Notes is to introduce a more casual and stress free way to manage your finances. This application allows the user to set a monthly or annually spending budget and track your income and expenditure with confidence that you can rely on its strong infrastructure and reliable developer. You’re able to enter categorized¬†transactions – however, with the aforementioned confidence and piece of mind at hand, due to the ability to protect your personal financial information with a 4-digit passcode. Moreover, this application is built on a solid infrastructure with a fantastically designed UI – which has been clearly thought out and designed with the user in mind. Despite this we were quite dissatisfied with the window on which you enter the data for transactions, we feel that it’s sparsely populated and should definitely be improved for the price of the application.

These were the top 5 finance Apps for iPad that we feel are worth mentioning. What is your favorite App? We’d love to hear in the comments section below.

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