Interact With Some New Friends in iHomies for iOS

iHomies is a newly released, complexly developed application from AS Mobile Applications. This application is designed largely fo kids below the age of 10. The main idea of this application, located within the ‘Entertainment’ section, is to provide your kids some new friends to interact positively with and allow them to increase their self confidence with talking to people. This application implements the iOS multitouch interface while allowing your children to know where to press on the screen to get the ‘iHomie’ to interact with them. Your children can send greetings to their new friends intuitively.


Basically, there are four characters who act as your friends. They have got good background music and you can share the characters with your real life friends and talk to these cute characters with iHomies.

This application provides your children with an excellent way to interact with people, which could potentially increase their people skills which is good for the development of a child and may benefit them in future years. In addition to this the realism of this application will benefit your child’s understanding of the iHomie’s actions and body language. Moreover, Retina display support plays a significant part in improving the user experience of this application.

With the inclusion of push notifications you and your child can be completely aware of what is going on within this application, you can be notified when someone has connected with you or when something new or unexpected happens. We like the way that the developers have implemented Apple’s API’s in order to integrate their notification system. You can quickly and easily share your experiences with your friends who may or may not be playing this application – this is a great way to get more people involved with this application.

The fluid and simple UI benefits users of a young age due to the fact that there aren’t frequent crashes and the users experience when playing with this application will not be interrupted whist playing. The aesthetics of this application have also been thoroughly thought out by the developer and we are sure that people will notice the simplicity of the App.


App keeps notifying users about the paid version which is irritating at times. The interface can be smoothened even more.

With great utilities, a fun concept and flawless operation. iHomies will prove to be a very useful tool to entertain your children. An aesthetically beautiful interface and a fluid UI add to the excitement of this application. While set backs are present, they can be resolved over time.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 8/10

Download this App for [Free] here.

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