Match 3D Figures in Monster Cube for iOS, Featuring Stunning Graphics (REVIEW)

Monster Cube is a relatively new game to join the ‘Games’ category in Apple’s App Store community. This application is unique, versatile and has been well developed. In Monster Cube, you have to match three blocks of the same type to allow them to disappear and you gain a few points. Like any of the other games of this genre, Monster Cube also has a time limit to get you going and increase the anticipation. However, despite all of these similarities this application differs from some of the other ‘match three’ games as it uses your iOS device’s outstanding graphical performance to output a 3D version ‘match three’ game by which you are to match three 3D blocks up in order for them to disappear. In addition to this whilst you are playing you can move the 3D block around to give you more choices if you get stuck. There are achievement prizes if you live up to the challenge of completing more than one cube the in the rather restricted time given.


There is no doubt that the graphics designed and implemented for this application are aesthetically pleasing. The eye catching futuristic style colours express an industrial and mysterious sense to the game. Graphical marketing for the paid version on this application isn’t at all intrusive as it coheres with the menu screen in which its presented on. All screens, even the most boring ones like the results screen for example are a pleasure to look at due to the Retina compatible graphics alongside ‘Monster Juice – Servicos’ excellent attention to detail.

The majority of the features contained on this application are very well developed – and the UI (User Interface) is definitely no exception to this. The developer has included quick and un-intrusive transitions which occur upon navigating in and around this application, all of which are very fluid and no lag has been found, even on some of the slower devices. The settings pane is dedicated and it is simple and easy to use. The settings include options like ‘Music’, ‘Sound Effects’ and an option to toggle the ‘Tutorial’ if needs be. In addition to this, the developer has included some shortcuts to the sound effects preference which activate when the game is paused, they pop up like a notification but at the top of the screen as opposed to the top. The App icon for this application has been exceptionally well designed and developed. It is simple, bold and to the point – no words are included. Additionally the icon remains the same throughout all versions.

The implementation of social media has been very well thought out by the developer. We can clearly see that research has been done upon deciding on how to implement social media into their application. When you open this application for the first time you’re greeted with the option to log in via Facebook or if you’d prefer there is also the option of ‘playing offline’. This implies that your score is publicly available on Facebook after each game if you choose to log in via this service.

From testing we have found this game to be one of the most entertaining games we’ve tested for a long time. It is engaging and it creates excitement to all users. The sound effects during gameplay also react to the actions you take within the game to create a more exiting sense to the overall gameplay. In addition to this we have found all of the gestures used to move the cube around are fluid and there no evidence of lag anywhere in this game – which is more than you can say about some games on the App Store. After removing all of the cubes from the large cube by matching up three cubes, you’re presented with another cube to complete. However this is quite difficult due to the restricted time limit.


While support for Facebook is well integrated to this application, we feel that the addition of Twitter and Google+ would have a positive effect on the amount of subconscious marketing this application receives. In addition to this it might bring in a more versatile experience to the user. The lack of Game Center support on this application surprised us upon our detailed testing as many of the competitor applications to this game now support the cohesive service of Game Center, due to the fact that this game is designed to be played against your friends and family whom also have iOS devices. We feel that if the developer included such features they would most probably increase the amount of traffic they receive.

Despite the fact that navigating around this application is a pleasure we have noticed that you have to wait rather a long time for the loading screens to load. We don’t think that this is a deal breaker, but there is clearly a significant amount of holes in the code in this particular part of the application and we’re sure that it can be fixed easily by way of an update.


Overall, this application is amazing entertainment when you have a 5 minute break at work or if you’re traveling on the subway or you just want to kill some time quickly. It is a pleasure to use and the developer as put a lot of consideration into creating the graphics by which integrate with the user interface exceptionally well. However, everything has a room for improvement and we think that this game is headed in the right direction.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 10/10

Download Monster Cube here.

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