Cartoon Defense: Space Wars for iOS Will Require Your Strategic Thinking

Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is an application with a stunning graphical interface in which the developer has put a lot of effort. This, regularly updated application, resides under the ‘Games’ category – however this isn’t one of those ‘pick up and play’  games. It is one of those that requires strategic thinking for a longer period of time. You are given a scenario upon the launch of this application after being greeted with a tutorial. The basic synopsis of this game is that there is a supposed peaceful planet called “Cartoon” and a peace and loving tribe called “White” who are residents on this interesting planet. Another tribe eventually comes along called “Gray” (a color which represents darker morals) who orders “White” to hand over planet “Cartoon”. After a heated discussion and irrational words from both sides “Gray” decide that they are to be notorious and attach the planet “Cartoon” in a bid to gain power of it and kick the “White” tribe off it. From this small synopsis you might be able to get a good flavor of what this game is like and whether it would suit your style.



The well designed graphics on this application almost make up the whole framework for the application. We like the way in which the developer has showed creativity into a complex and in-depth game like this one. We can see the extensive efforts of the developer by way of creativity and functionality – which creates a well balanced, if not a little graphic heavy, versatile application. Despite this you shouldn’t fret about this application not running smoothly on your iOS device as it runs fluidly on all current iOS devices.

Alongside this we have found that the preferences, while they’re simple, they are all that you’ll need to be on your way. We like the way the developer has been cohesive when putting into consideration about how to portray the preferences pane. What they ended up doing is situating the one preference on the main menu for the game, which we feel is necessary due to the fact that it keeps the application simple and easy to navigate when blindly launching into it. The graphical design for this button, and the Game Center button also presents an integrated feel to the application as it customized relative to the graphics throughout the whole game. This allows the user to get another taste of what the game is going to be like before they actually get into the gameplay.

We would be quite cynical if we discovered that this application didn’t have sound effects – and we’re supportive of the choice which the developer has made for their music. It adds to the already high anticipation created by the graphics portrayed as it invites the user in and gets them going in seconds. In addition to this if your in an area where out loud sounds are not permitted you can toggle the sound on/off.

The gameplay is fun and exciting. You need to destroy enemies using the weapons available at your disposal.




Despite some relatively good points about this application there are quite a few critical points which may sway or decision to download it. Overall we feel that this game has been developed for the incorrect device entirely, due to the fact that the busy interface allows for a cluttered environment in which becomes rather cumbersome after a while of playing this game. We feel that the developer should have developed this game for the iPad alongside the iPhone or just for the iPad as we feel that the higher resolution and larger screen will allow for more screen real estate and a non cluttered, improved gaming experience.

While it could be overlooked to be positive that the developer has included a tutorial we feel that the amount of detail they’ve put into it doesn’t only allow for a confusing introduction to the game but perhaps shows that the interface of the application isn’t as intuitive as the developer claims. This tutorial could be vastly improved by informing the user whilst they’re playing for the first or first few times. In addition to this we feel that the tutorial presented to the user appears to be very vague and doesn’t explain through what we thought we’re the most complicated set up screens.



In summary, we’re happy to say that the developer has put a good amount of effort into making this game integrative and versatile due to the satisfactory functionality and the outstanding graphics. It’s not often enough that we see this much consideration put into both areas in good detail. The connections to Apple’s Game Center will allow you to get competitive with you friends playing this application. The sound effects and music of this application will appeal to most and we’re sure that the minority will bare up. However the intuitiveness of the UI and the vagueness of the tutorial lets this application down and may sway your decision another way. We feel that the further development for the iPad platform is compulsory in order for this application to succeed. Even if it doesn’t remain free.



You can get the game for FREE from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 7/10

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