Collect Berries And Make Jam In Panda Sweet Tooth for iOS

Panda Sweet Tooth is a fun and exciting new game for iOS in which you need to run and collect berries to make jam while staying fit. The App is one of its kind and is defining a whole new category. When you first play the game, it feels like the classic Mario type running game with a panda instead, but it is way more than that.

The most interesting part about Panda Sweet Tooth is the music and the sounds used. Everytime the panda screams or jumps, a sound is produced which is very relevant and clear. You just have to keep running and you will face obstacles along the way including bamboos which on consuming will make the panda fat and the gameplay will become slow. Once you consumer a mushroom, things will return to normal.
Panda Sweet Tooth
There are 30 levels along with 6 whole new game worlds for ever lasting fun. The App has been very neatly designed as well. The levels are short and in the form of Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. The thing that is good between switching levels is that it happens automatically.

The levels are a bit easy, otherwise the game is certainly perfect. A very addictive arcade game that you should definitely store on your device.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

You can get Panda Sweet Tooth for $0.99 from here. The iPad version can also be purchased from here.