How To Get Google Play Store On Your Android Device

google playAs we just reported, The Android Market and Google’s entertainment services have been made to fit under a single brand, Google Play. The transition has started to take place and you should have the Google Play services on your Android devices soon. To update from your Android Market to the Google Play Store, here are the steps you need to follow (you need to be connected to the internet).

1)Remove any Android Market Shortcuts from your homescreen

2)Launch the Android Market

3)It should ask you to accept the license agreement (it may or may not)

4)After accepting, turn your Android device on, and turn it on again.

5)Go to Settings > Applications > All > Market and clear data, defaults, and cache.

6)Then launch the Market (or Google Play Store)

7)Press the ‘continue’ button when you are presented with the screen below:

8)Then accept the agreements and you will be presented with the Google Play Store, and the name and icon will change to the ones shown in the image below:

Did this work for you? Or have you already done it? What do you think of Google Play and the Play Store? Leave your thoughts in the comments below: